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William A. Wallenmeyer papers

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 20170202

Content Description

Collection contains the professional papers of Purdue graduate and later director for High-Energy Physics of the U.S. Department of Energy, Dr. William A. Wallenmeyer. Dr. Wallenmeyer worked as a student in the Cosmic-ray physics department at Purdue.  This department was established in the early 1950's (1949-55), by (Visiting) Professor Wen Yu Chang who oversaw the construction of a triggered cloud chamber designed for the study of the then newly discovered "V" particles, known now as the λ-hyperon and K-meson. Wallenmeyer, who carried out his thesis research at Brookhaven National Laboratory, was the first Purdue person to carry out high-energy physics research at a national laboratory. Wallenmeyer eventually became director for High-Energy Physics of the U.S. Department of Energy and in 1989, after retirement from this position, received an honorary doctor's degree from Purdue. Source:  A History of Physics at Purdue: The Post-War Years (1945-1958) by Ralph Bray, Solomon Gartenhaus, Arnold Tubis, and David Cassidy. (

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Donated Diane Wallenmeyer, spouse.

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Collection is unprocessed and some items have been restricted. Unprocessed collections may not be available for immediate use and require advance notification prior to viewing.


  • circa 1950 - 1993
  • Majority of material found in 1989 - 1989


69.364 Cubic Feet (66 cubic foot boxes, one letter-size full-width manuscript box, one half-width legal-size manuscript box, and one flat folder)


Box 1: reports (1961-1984); Box 2: chronological files (circa 1962-1969); Box 3: memorandums, budgets, reports (circa 1990-1993); Box 4: SURA related records (circa 1990-1992); Box 5: meeting notes (circa 1989-1994), proposals (circa 1993), vitas and committee materials (circa 1988-1989); Box 6: SURA related records (circa 1990), budgets (circa 1984-1987), and reports (circa 19986-1990); Box 7: budgets (circa 1979-1986); Box 8: publications (circa 1964-1992); Box 9: reports, correspondence, memorandums, meeting notes, and agreements (circa 1961-1994); Box 10: correspondence, reports, pamphlet, conference notes, and papers (circa 1972-1987); Box 11: reports (circa 1980s); Box 12: news documents (circa 1987-1992); Box 13: reports, meeting minutes, budgets, and papers (circa 1964-1987); Box 14: conference notes and papers (circa 1964-1986); Box 15: SURA meeting notes, reports, computer networking files, and papers (circa 1979-1992); Box 16: reviews, proposals, conference notes, and papers (circa 1988-1991); Box 17: budgets, congressional hearings, Board of Trustees papers, meeting notes, physics articles, and papers (circa 1987-1988); Box 18: notes on steno pads (circa 1980-1981); Box 19: notes on steno pads (circa 1981-1993); Box 20: SURA records (circa 1991); Box 21: reviews, budgets, and papers (circa 1986-1987); Boxes 22-25: notes on steno pads (circa 1978-1991); Box 26: DOE miscellaneous files (circa 1980s); Box 27: reports, correspondence, financial documents, notes, newsclippings (mostly copies) and papers (circa 1966-1987); Box 28: correspondence, newsletter, reports, and papers (circa 1975-1987); Box 29: proposal, budgets, newspaper clippings, and other papers (circa 1965-1992); Box 30: budgets, memorandums, newspaper clippings, papers, and DOE notices (circa 1985-1991); Box 31: meeting notes and papers (circa 1987-1991); Box 32: DOE miscellaneous files, reports, and booklets (circa 1961-1995); Box 33: proceedings, hearings, and papers (circa 1959-1987); Box 34: proceedings, reports, presentation, DOE miscellaneous files, and books (circa 1979-1993); Box 35: DOE miscellaneous files, newsclippings (copies?), and papers (circa 1983-1995); Box 36: DOE miscellaneous files and chronological files (circa 1980-1987); Box 37: chronological files (circa 1965-1987); Box 38: SSC files (circa 1950-1993); Boxes 39-40: DOE miscellaneous files (circa 1950-1993); Box 41: SSC files and DOE miscellaneous files (circa 1978-1988); Box 42: DOE miscellaneous files (circa 1967-1992); Box 43: SURA records (circa 1989-1991); Box 44: SURA records, reports, and conferences (circa 1963-1989); Box 45: DOE miscellaneous files (circa 1980-1993); Box 46: SURA records (circa 1980-1990); Box 47: SURA records, files, and papers (circa 1982-1987); Box 48: SURA records, files, and papers (circa 1984-1989); Box 49: SURA records, reports, conferences, and notes on steno pads (circa 1974-1987); Box 50: notes on steno pads (circa 1973-1976); Box 51: reports and conferences (circa 1964-1978); Box 52: DOE budget files (circa 1976-1988); Boxes 53-54: reports and conferences (circa 1966-1990); Box 55: DOE miscellaneous files (circa 1960s); Box 56: papers (circa 1990-1994); Box 57: plans, memorandums, financial documents, and papers (circa 1993-1994); Boxes 58-64: books; Box 65-68: restricted materials