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Collection of Astronaut and Space memorabilia, addition 2

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 20120225

Content Description

"Teammates in mankind's greatest adventure" poster of Apollo astronauts, Getaway Special Program patch for Challenger shuttle mission and associated documents, The Purdue Aerospace Institute poster, "Inside VAB" painting print, "Power" painting print, "Lunar Module White Room" painting print, "VAB Construction-Kennedy Space Center" painting, "Support" painting print, "Man on the Moon" painting print, "Ladders" painting print, "On the Beach" painting print, "Saturn Blockhouse" painting print, "Orbital Preparation" painting print, "First Sighting" painting print, Purdue Astronauts News Release, Proclomation of Apollo 11 Day, Proclamation of Apollo 11 Day, Booklet about Apollo 11, "Men Walk On Moon" Newsweek issue, "The First Lunar Landing As Told by The Astronauts" magazine, Orlando Sentinel newspaper, Orlando Sentinel newspaper special section "Apollo 11: First of Nine Missions," Today newspaper, Today newspaper Keepsake Edition, "Earth-Rise Above the Lunar Horizon" photograph print, "Exercise for a Lunar Landing" photograph print, "Within Reach But Not Within Grasp" photograph print, "The Flight Crew of Apollo 10, Fourth Manned Apollo Mission" photograph print, "The Prime Crew for the First Lunar Landing" photograph print,  Photograph print of Apollo 11 astronauts, patch, and plaque from Apollo 11, Photograph print of Tranquility Base--the Lunar Module, the United States flag, and Astronaut Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr., "Between Heaven and Earth" photograph print, "Going for the Touchdown" photograph print, Photograph print of The United States flag on the Moon and footprints of the men who put it there, Photograph print of Astronaut Edwin E. Aldrin, JR. carriying the lunar seismometer and the laser reflector experiments toward a level spot on the lunar surface, Photograph print of Astronaut Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr. walks on the Moon, toward the Lunar Module, Photograph print of Lunar Module ascending from the Moon to rendezvous with the Command Module, Photograph print of Astronauts Neil Armstorng and Edwin Aldrin erect the United States flag on the Moon, Photograph print of Astronaut Edwin Aldrin's faceplate reflects Astronaut Neil Armstrong and the Lunar Module, Photograph print of launch of Apollo 11-July 16, 1969 9:32 a.m. EDT-NASA John F. Kennedy Space Center, Florida, Photograph print of the Earth as seen from Apollo 11 during its journey to the Moon, Photograph print of Astronaut Edwin Aldrin comes down the ladder of the Lunar Module

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  • 1969 - 1990



5.00 folders


"Teammates in mankind's greatest adventure" National geographic supplement poster of Apollo astronauts is housed in Box 2 (Communal Accessions 40)