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A&D 366 Visual Communications Design II student projects

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16 publications from the students in A&D 366 Visual Communications Design II; Spring 2012 course taught by Dennis Ichimaya, Professor of Visual Communication Design.

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  • 2012


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1. "A Glimpse into Cliff Harvey's 'Rosebud'" by L. Schumacher, S. Jean Murray 2. "Road To Oz: Courage, Heart, Brains" by Haley Richardson, Michael Fairchild 3. "42 Line Risk" by Nicholas Belotti & Erica Metzinger 4. "5 Pieces" by Ashley Snell & Jessica Rubin 5. "I Think With My Hands" by Brooke Applewhite, Felcia Roger-Hogan 6. "Boundaries: Challenging Traditonal Conceptions " by Heidi Branham & Samatha Werry 7. "Imperfect" by Michelle Curtin, Alexander Hanson 8. "Stitching Memories: Sharing Stories Through a Quilt" by Lauren Nichols, Laura von Merveldt 9. "Montage" by Tovar & Strohl 10. "Anatomy of Courage" by Stacey Woodward & Asia Thomas 11. "Portfolio" Julia Hruska & Johnny Lee 12. "A Marriage of Dimens2ions" by S. Larkin and E. Oskay 13. "Size Opposites, A Voyage" by Amy Chi & Christabel Gutierrez 14. "Time Shape" by Tucker Yater and Brandon Puckett 15. "Revealing Cities: A Journey Through Arion Press" <emph render='italic'>Invisible Cities </emph>by Lan wei and Emily M. Cox 16. "Curiousity" by Kelli Crumback, Catherine Lynn