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Donald N. Heirman papers, addition 16

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 20210521

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This addition is comprised of materials related to Donald Heirman's research and work related to the development of standards for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), his research for the Navy, his work at AT&T Bell Laboratories, his service on various IEEE and international standards committees, his Purdue coursework, as well as awards. Numerous items relate to the development of ANSI C63 which is the ANSI standard for electromagnetic compatibility, and to International Special Committee on Radio Interference (CISPR). The addition also includes materials related to Heirman's time as a Purdue University student. Includes seminar and workshop materials, committee and board meeting minutes, correspondence, research materials, and course work.

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179.00 Cubic Feet (170 cubic foot boxes and one makeshift container for safe transport of fragile Purdue train mailbox)


Box 1: Certificates, photographs, Box 2: AT&T, Box 3: Purdue Courses, Box 4: Purdue Courses, Box 5: Purdue Courses, Box 6: AT&T 1970s, Box 7: AT&T, Box 8, AT&T, Box 9: AT&T, Box 10: AT&T, Box 11: AT&T, 1970s-1990s, Box 12: Lucent 1980-1990s, Box 13: out Box 14: AT&T1970s-1990s, Box 15; AT&T, Box 16: AT&T, Box 17: AT&T, Box 18: Miscellaneous EMC, AT&T, Box 19: AT&T, Box 20: AT&T, Box 21; AT+T, Box 22: AT&T 1980s-1990s, Box 23: AT&T, Box 24: AT&T, & EMC Society, Box 25: AT&T, Box 26: AT&T, Box 27: AT&T, EMC Society, Box 28: AT&T, Box 29: AT&T, EMC Society, Box 30: AT&T, IEEE, Lucent, Box 31: EMC Society, Box 32: AT&T, Box 33: IEEE, EMC Symposium Society, Box 34: EMC Society, Box 35:IEEE Symposium, Box 36: AT&T, Box 37: AT&T, Box 38: AT&T, Box 39: EMC Center for Professional Advancut workshops, Box 40: EMC workshops, Box 41: Workshops, Box 42: AT&T, Box 43: AT&T, Box 44: AT&T, Box 45: AT&T, Box 46: C63 workshops, Box 47: AT&T, Bell, Box 48: AT&T, Bell Laboratory, Box 49: AT&T, Miscellaneous career, Box 50: IEEE/Standards boards, Box 51: AT&T, EMC Symposium, Box 52:CISPR BHS, Box 53: IEEE, Box 54: IEEE, Box 55: Standards, Box 56: CISPR 1990s, Box 57: Harmonic workshops, CISPR, Lucent Bell Laboratories, Box 58: CISPR, Box 59: IEEE Scanner, CISPR, Box 60: Standards, CISPR , IEEE scanners, Box 61:C63, Box 62: Miscellaneous 1990s, CISPER & IEEE, Box 63: Standards, Purdue C63, Box 64: ACIL, Box 65: EMC, Box 66: EMC Workshops, Box 67: CISPR & IEEE, Box 68: other location, Box 69: EMC Administration committee, Box 70: Purdue coursework, Box 71: Standards & CISPR, Box 72: Purdue certificates, plate, figurines, residence hall front key, Box 73: CISPR, Box 74: C63, Box 75, EMC Admin committee 1979, CISPR, Box 76: CISPR, Box 77; C63, Box 78: CISPR, Box 79: C63 1982-1994 & 2011-2015, Box 80: Purdue coursework, Seminars Box 81: AT&T, Bell Laboratories, Seminars, Standards, Boxes 82-85: Purdue Coursework, Box 86: out, Box 87: AT&T, Bell Laboratories, CISPR, Seminars, Box 88: Naval research slides, Box 89: AT&T, Box 90: AT&T, Box 91: Standards, Seminars, Box 92: Standards, Box 93: Standards, Box 94: Standard Miscellaneous, Box 95: Workshops IEC, EMC, Box 96, Workshops, IEC, EMC standards committee, Box 97: Teaching, courses, Box 98: Workshops IEC, EMC, Box 99: AT&T, training, Box 100: Working group, meetings, CISPR, IEEE, EMCS board Box 101: Seminars, CISPR, Box 102: AT&T, EMC training, Box 103: EMC, Center for professional advancement workshops, Box 104: EMC Standards, Center for professional advancement, Box 105: EMC, CISPR, Box 106: Consulting miscellaneous, CISPR, SA bag, Box 107: C63 symposium and courses, Box 108: IEEE scan Box 109: IEEE scan Box 110: IEEE scan Box 111: Consulting miscellaneous, IEEE, C63, Box 112: Consulting miscellaneous, IEEE, C63, Box 113: Standards, Box 114: IEEE scan, Box 115: Consulting Oklahoma University, Box 116: Consulting, EMS presentations, Box 117: Consulting miscellaneous, Box 118: Consulting miscellaneous, Oklahoma University, Box 119: Consulting miscellaneous, IEEE, Box 120: Consulting miscellaneous, CISPR, Box 121: Consulting miscellaneous, Box 122: Consulting miscellaneous, Box 123: Standards, Box 124: IEEE scan, Box 125: IEEE scan Box 126: Consulting miscellaneous, Kling, Box 127: Symposium and workshop presentation 1990s, Box 128: IEEE, Box 129: Standards miscellaneous, Box 130: IEEE, Box 131: Standards, Box 132: Symposium and workshop presentations 1990s, Box 133: Standards miscellaneous, Box 134: IEEE, Box 135: Standards, Box 136: Standards, Box 137: Standards, Box 138: Standards, Box 139: Standards, Box 140: Standards, Box 141: Miscellaneous, Box 142: IEEE scan, Box 143: C63, Box 144: IEEE scan, Box 145: Box 146: Consulting miscellaneous, CISPR, Box 147: Consulting miscellaneous, Box 148: Consulting miscellaneous, CISPR, Box 149: IEEE scan, Box 150: IEEE, C63 seminars and courses, Box 151: Standards miscellaneous, Box 152: Standards miscellaneous, Box 153: IEEE, EMES Board, Box 154: Plaques and awards, Boxes 155-170: Standards, Box 171: C63, Committee minutes and attachments, EMS Society, Board of Director minutes