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Purdue University Office of Marketing and Media historical publications

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
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Publications produced by Purdue University regarding courses, students, staff, outreach, campus activities, athletics, and many more topics.

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  • 1910 - 2015



58.346 Cubic Feet (55 cubic foot boxes, one shoe box, one flat box, and three flat folders)


Boxes 1-5, 30: School Booklets 1952-2011; Boxes 6-9: Purdue Alumnus 1929-1963, 1949-1981, 1954-1960, 1963-1967, 1982-1986, 1989-1990, 1914-1918, 1987-2005, 2007-2008; Box 10: Course Catalog, 1876-1944; Box 11: School Brochures before 2008; Box 12: Books-- Commercial (Trustee by laws; Student Phone Directory (1956-1962)); Box 13: Summer Sessions 1922-1989; Box 14: Summer @ Purdue; Fun Facts, Adult Evening Classes; Box 15: Class Schedules, 1970-2003; Box 16: Graduate School Programs; Box 17: Graduate School Bulletins, 1925-1967; Sercle Back Issues 1972-1982; Boxes 18: Graduate School Bulletins, 1968-2002 Box 19: Financial Reports Before 1943; Boxes 20-22: Financial Reports 1925-2004, Misc. Financial Documents; Box 23: Purdue News; You + Purdue; Student Handbooks; Faculty Handbooks; Box 24: Report of the President, 1910-1943; Purdue University President's Report 1974-1975; "1941-1945 Record of a University in the War Years"; "1941-1945 Roll of Honor of Purdue University"; Box 25: Report of the Auditor; Box 26: Parents Handbooks 1984-2006; Purdue & You 1975-1979; Directory of Student Services 1981; Sercles 1981-1982, 1985-1991; Box 27: Student + Staff Directories, 1958-1983; Box 28: Phonebooks/Directories, 1875-1956; Box 29: University Code and Regulations; Box 31: General Info; Freshman Program; Tech Institute Catalog; Off Campus Catalog; Box 32: Campus Life; Purdue Press; Box 33: Teacher Candidates; Modern Fiction; Purdue Services; Engineering Bulletins; Box 34: Intro to Purdue / Getting Involved; Unique Purdue; Box 35: Faculty and Staff Rosters; Box 36: Journal of Developmental Reading 1957-1964; "50 Years of Progress"; "Purdue University - 1922-1932"; "Outline History of Indiana Agriculture"; "The Trustees and the Offices of Purdue University 1860-1940"; "Debt Financing University Plant Additions"; "Winthrop Elsworth Stone President of Purdue University 1900-1921"; "A Manual of the William Freeman Myrick Goss Library of the History of Engineering and Associated Collections"; "Purdue University The Convocations for Worship 193401940 Addresses and Records"; Box 37: Campus Copy 1944-1972; Summer Times 1960-1974; Leissure Times 1965-1967; Purdue Parent 1970; IHETS Newsletter 1970; Purdue International V. 1 - 1967; Teacher Advocate 1973, 1974; Purdue Insider 1991; Box 38: Campus Accessibility Guide 1977-2014; "Employing the Handicapped" 1981; Campus Maps 1986-1994, Undated; Campus Visitors Guide 2007-2015; Welcome to Purdue 1955-2014; "Trees of Purdue"; Building Information; Box 39: Purdue Report 1950-1999; Retirees Newsletter 1977-2000; Box 40: Purdue Today 1984-1986 w/ proofs and one original photo; Box 41: Campus Copy 1969-1974 w/ proofs and original photos; Box 42: Oral Histories; Purdue Today 1984-1990; Purdue Inside 1992; Purdue Review 1959-1960, 1982-1990; Box 43: Oral Histories; Box 44: Varioius Bulletins: Intro to PU Bulletin, School of Technology Bulletin 1972-1973, HSSE Announcements 1972-1973; Box 45: Abstracts of Engineering Publications and Theses 1962-1964; Engineering News 1958-1959, 1962-1965; Box 46:Purdue University Bulletin North Central Campus; Purdue University Engineering Bulletin; Box 47: Woodcut Printing Plates ; Box 48: Various Publications: HERPIC Traffic Counts 1971; AERO; Annual Report of President, Investment of Tomorrow; Teacher Education Council; County Highway; Design Features of Moderate Surveying Instruments; Purdue University Map; University Services for ROS; Purdue University Classes Fall 1971-1972, Spring 1972-1973; Memorial Center PMU Booklet; Purdue University Teacher Education Program 1972-1974; "A Walking Tour of Purdue University Central Campus"; Motion Pictures Volume 70 Number 8 1969; Notes of Automatic Control; Box 49: Purdue Perspective Newsletters 1985-2010; Box 50: Purdue Perspective 1973-1984; The Purdue Student 1973-1972; Monday MEMO 1971-1975; Box 51: Revision Notes/Proofs: Humanities, Social Sciences and Education (HSSE) Announcements 1971-1973; School of Home Economics 1972-1973; School of Pharmacy and Pharmacal Sciences Announcements 1971-1972; Box 52: 57th Annual Road School Proofs 1971; 58th Annual Road School Proofs 1972; Veterinary Science and Medicine 1972-1973; Box 53: Various Publications: Faculty and Staff Rosters 1972-1973; Teaching Home Economics; Agricultural Economics; Restaurant Institutional Management; Philosophy; Horticultural and Landscape architecture; Computer Technology; Industrial Engineering Technology; Modern Languages; Veterinary Medicine; Mechanical Engineering Technology; Home Economics; General Argiculture and Agricultural Communications; History; Audiology and Speech Sciences; Communication; Aviation Electronics Technology; Flight Technology; Clothing and Textiles; Elementary Education; Political Science; Progress on Purdue's Strategic Plan 2005-2006; Committee on Institutional Cooperation; Parent's executive Committee Notes From the President May 1975; Boilermaker Blueprints (A directory to student services and organizations); Revolution in the classroom Purdue University's 1997-1999 State Budget Request; A Force for Change the Class of 1950; Department of Forestry and Natural Resources: A Quality Faculty... A Quality Program; Marie Curie Poster; School of Science; Mark Twain Speaks For Himself; R.B. Stewart and Purdue University; 20th Annual Meeting of American Society of Pharmacognosy July 29-August 3 1979; Frederick Lawson Hovde 1908-1983 Memorial Service; Purdue University Centennial Fund; Purdue Alumni Scholarship Foundation October 1, 1957; Arts Calendar Winter 1995; Division of Interdisciplinary Angering Studies; Economic Impact; Purdue University Business Office Employment Opportunities; Fruit Breeding; Teacher Education Council 1969-1983; The Schools of Engineering; Department of Nuclear Engineering; Purdue Speakers 1982-1983; Purdue University Speakers Guide; ROTC; President's Council 1973-1975; In Closer Touch 1972-1982; Biological and Biomedical Resource Literature; Enrollment 1974-1975; Purdue Resource Directory 1995-1996, 1998-1999; Photos: History Building Interiors; Geosciences Earth and Atmospheric; Physics; Statistics; Rossman Johnson; Mathematics; Chemistry; Math Science; General; Biological Sciences; Chemistry Department; Chemistry Building; Physics Building; Lilly Hall; Science; History Labs and Classrooms; Box 54: Various Publications: Industrial Management 1972-1973; Departments; Community; Helpful Features; Fillers; Benefits; Employees-personal; Academics; Population Series; Miscellaneous; Ideas; Buildings etc; Photos: History; Communication; Aviation Maintenance Technology; Flight Technology; Clothing and Textiles; Elementary Education; Political Science; Sercle 1982-1982; Box 55: Financial Aid; Recruitment Materials; Photos: County Highway 1972; Creation of Intermural Sports; 57th Annual Road School April 1971 Box 56: Letterhead 1985; Purdue Press Reports 1975-1976; Poster Marketing: Louis Pasteur, Purdue University School of Science; Applied Physics at Purdue; Department of Computer Sciences 1978-1979; Consumer and Family Church; Ambassador Lenard Woodcock; Ambassador Chai Zemin; Purdue Publications Fall 2013, Fall 2014, and Fall 2015; Purdue Yesterday and Today 75th Anniversary; Hail Purdue '69; Purdue University Folder; Hansen Response Audio Reel; Box 57: Campus Copy Negatives 1968-1973 and Undated; Box 58: CDs; Box 59: Photographs and Negatives; Box 60: Photos and CDs; Box 61: CDs - College of Engineering; Box 62: Graduate School 1971-1973 Box 63: Purdue Press, Financial Records; Box 64: Inside Purdue 1991-2000; Box 65: Inside Purdue 2000-2012