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Pahre, Leslie Hornbeck; Fortune, Susan Houston


Biographical Information

Both Pahre and Fortune are Purdue graduates. They participated in the second Grand Prix run in 1959 as the first female entrance team. Pahre majored in Aeronautical Engineering, met her husband here and married following graduation. Her husband was a career army officer and they still fly on weekends as member of Commemorative Air Force. Fortune majored in Home Economics, Housing option and following graduation worked in Oregon - Extension Service at Oregon State University. Both met when they arrived on campus and pledged with Sigma Kappa Sorority. They talk about Purdue traditions such as Victory Varieties Boilermaker Special, Black P and campus life in the Mid 1950s including participation in student clubs/organizations.


MSO 1, Purdue University Archives and Special Collections Oral History Program collection, Purdue University Archives and Special Collections, Purdue University Libraries.