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Franklin Levering Cary Quadrangle (East) (West Lafayette, Ind.)



  • Existence: 1928-

Historical Information

The Franklin Levering Cary Quadrangle (East) building is the first of the Franklin Levering Cary Quadrangle buildings. The cornerstone was laid on November 5, 1927. When it was built, it was a 42 x 269 foot structure that was made of of brick, stone, and reinforced concrete. It was three stories high with a basement and contained quarters for 153 male students, a manager's suite, a large dining room, a completely equipped kitchen, three lounges, and a heating plant of its own. It was designed with Tudor Gothic architecture and was used as a men's residence hall. When the first Cary Hall opened in 1928, its 153 residents were greeted with multiple lounges, a billiards room, modern kitchen, trunk storage, and a special reception room for female guests. In addition to furniture, rooms came standard with a wastebasket, lamp, and globe. Room and board in this building came at a cost of $402 per year. 4 more buildings were built to complete the Cary Quadrangle. The entire quadrangle was remodeled during a six year renovation project from 2000 to 2006.


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