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Armory (West Lafayette, Ind. : 1908-1916)



  • Existence: 1908 - 1916

Historical Information

In 1908, the original Military Hall/Armory was moved to where the front entrance of the Armory stands today. This move created space for the new gymnasium (Felix Haas Hall). In the early in the morning of February 24, 1916, the Armory was destroyed by a fire. The Board of Trustees minutes of March 28, 1916 states, "The fire was discovered at 3:50 a.m. in a small room at the north end of the building and was under such headway that within a few moments the entire upper part of the building burst into flames. It was impossible under any circumstances to save the building or its contents. In the room where the fire was discovered was a small coal stove in which the fire had been banked by the janitor for the night. In the absence of any definite information as to the cause of the fire, it can only be assumed that it resulted from this stove. There is no evidence of neglect on the part of any one having the care of the building. The night watchman passed the building at 3:30 a.m. but could not have seen the fire under any conditions since it occurred in the opposite side of the building from his point of observation. A small frame barn used for the campus horse adjoining the armory was also destroyed." A new Armory (the current Armory on campus) was built in its place.


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