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Veterinary Pathobiology Research Laboratory (West Lafayette, Ind.)



  • Existence: 1911-

Historical Information

Originally called the Serum Laboratory, the Veterinary Pathobiology Research Laboratory was built to create a serum to prevent hog cholera. In 1913, it began testing vaccines and serums that were offered for sale within the State. It also started creamery licensing and stallion registration. In 1921 it was also entrusted with seed inspection. The building was renamed the Postmortem Laboratory in 1943. When the Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory was built in 1946 the two buildings were connected but were referred to separately. In 1958 the Postmortem Laboratory was expanded and connected to the Animal Isolation Building 1. The Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory and Postmortem Laboratory were added onto in 1978 but were still referred to as separate entities. Both buildings began being referred to as one building (the Veterinary Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory) in 1981 which was later renamed the Veterinary Pathobiology Research Laboratory in 1992. The building was then remodeled in 1995.


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